The Cycle of a Passionate Life

For the last 12 days it’s been a time of living the Passionate Life Cycle.

What has happened to you? What areas have been turbulent? Or Joyful?

The emotional full moon is about to appear and this gives us an opportunity to reflect, review our life and the lives of those closest to us.

Did you have any moments that the joy, excitement and passion returned? What were you doing? Who were you with? Where did you go? When did you feel the joy of living?

How can we bring Harmony and feel Passionate about Life?

“People matter, lives matter and You matter” is my slogan …

Cooperation +

Mutual understanding +

Communication +

Strategic Action +

We can continue hiring and firing, connecting and disconnecting or learn skills that can help us bring Harmony into our lives and the lives of others.

Choices there are many … solutions many … quick fix trial and error tactics, many, but in the end the price we pay will affect not one but many.

Make time for the people who mean the most and bring them a smile!

Three smiles … each one special …

A Journey with Freedom, Love and Happiness!

Where did your car take You? What will be the next 13 day Cycle? I look forward to sharing with you …

By Natasha

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