Mothering Sunday Dia de la Mama

From one flower to another, Hope you find the beautiful moments, To remember, A flower to bring joy to your home, As it's continues to flower, Month by month, Day by day and Moment by Moment. Mothering Sunday ... By Natasha De una flor a otra, Espero que encuentres los bellos momentos, Recordar, Una flor [...]


Merlin and Morgana

We all love stories but this one is different in that Merlin decides to help Morgana ... There was a knock at the door as he opened the arched doorway to his home. "Come in, let's find a quiet place we can talk," said Merlin. " Thank you for making the time," she replied. It [...]

Catching Friday Feelings Atrapando los sentimientos del viernes

Photo @faza3 The oceans are deep filled with life, Yet the same is true, On our streets, our homes, offices and The skyscrapers reaching high to the sky. Each fish continuing with life, Not disturbed by his presence, Different yet still allowed to swim, In the deep oceans and share the beauty of Nature. Enjoy [...]

Beautiful Spring La belleza de la Primavera

We cannot change the roots of the trees that fill our lives, Nor the trees that every year blossom in spring like today, Some days filled with blues skies, Or clouds, rain, lightning even snow, The warmth of the sunshine, Or the howling cold winds, That make us shudder and shake for warmth. We can [...]

Seeds Spring is here Semillas La primavera está aquí

The seeds that nourish our lives, Bring aroma to our dishes, Different shapes, colours and sizes, Each one uniquely made, From faraway lands, Yet a home from home, Deeply rooted in the family, Share the variety, savour the flavours, And remember the moments that Each seed brings into our lives, The smiles of the children. [...]

Las emociones de un niño

Cuando escuchamos las historias ... Se alzaba sobre el niño pequeño como una escena de interrogatorio del pasado ... Dime la verdad, cuando su propio engaño era obvio. Temblando de miedo sin saber qué decir, o cómo, no lo suficientemente adulto como para hacer malabares con frases y cada vez mas comiendo las palabras enfermas [...]

El color del Odio

Mientras escuchamos las historias ... Allí se sentó y se quejó ... Era el momento de defender algo que Valentina sentía apasionada y se negaba a escuchar el juego de acusar a los culpables y a la gente de diferentes naciones, culturas y tradiciones. Recordando a la niña de dos que la escupió cuando era [...]