Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, The soft petals, colour, Radiance and joy as it shines a light, That fills our heart and home, Delicate and fragile, Standing straight and tall in it's glass vase, Not drooping or dying, Not twisted or turning for sunlight, Not bending or bowing, To the winds of [...]


Lack of Love El Desamor

As we close the cycle of a Loving Heart "A symbol of Love, the delicate petals reaching for sunlight and warmth, waiting for the nourishing water words of Love to brighten, the golden centre, the home and centre of every flower" Natasha I found this beautiful flower in an abandoned flower garden in the city. [...]

Bluebell Tears

As he listened to his words and replied ... The pure tears that nourish, Release the howls of mountains, and Sand storm days, Deep forests, as the bluebells, ring the songs of joy, and let the laughter tears, fill the moonlight darkness, Remember, The evergreen trees that stand tall, Reaching the skies that light our [...]

St. George & Shakespeare Day

A Poem by saved by Carey Stone Another famous poem for the day two verses I believe are important to remember  .... William Blake I wander through each charted street, Near where the chartered Thames does flow, And mark in every face I meet Marks of weakness, marks of woe.   In every cry of [...]

Nature & Human Nature

Below the fluffy like cotton, Lies a heart and flower shape of love, Connect with the beauty of life, Natures way of helping us find the simple, Yet perfect colours and essence, To brighten our homes and lives. Nature and human nature can unite, Or destroy and cause destruction, A darker side of human nature... [...]

Earth Day Día de la Tierra

The delicate beauty of nature, At the root of any solid oak home, Lies a heart of Love and Mother Nature, A crossroad path of flowers, Three delicate seeds of life, Which feed and fill the English gardens with, A ray of sunshine ... Love me, Love me not ... As the little girls and [...]

Will Será que

Did we spend enough time telling them how much we care? ¿Pasamos suficiente tiempo diciéndoles cuánto nos importa? Will the embrace of our voice console them when we are gone? Will our how we made them feel last a lifetime? Will in their solitude, they remember the memories? or, Will they be haunted by the [...]