Peace Patience Paciencia Paz

There he walked hurrying along the path,

Where was he hurrying to?

Did he believe life was over?

The sun was shining, a beautiful blue clear sky.

He had missed the beautiful trees in blossom, the air crisp and clean,

He needed to find Peace and Patience,

As he related his story…

Upset they had hurt his only love, lost and locked away for three days, the cruel reality and games of life.

A simple creature of creation, no intention to provoke or cause harm.

Thank God his love is safe and he defended the act of violence and spoke to the Manager.

It was time he took a deep breath of fresh air, on a beautiful day.

“Oh I’m not patient,”

“Do you think you are going to get there any faster?”

A sense of anxiousness that time was going to run out for him, an unnecessary worry of stress, not simplicity peaceful and patience.

He was more focused on the outside world and the things that he could complain about,

Forgot how fortunate life is and how the sun brightens our days,

The people we meet and the difference a smile and hello can make,

To anyone we meet in our lifetime.

He agreed, he had been complaining, smiled with an air of sunshine and each one went their separate ways. Monday moments …

by Natasha

Allí caminó corriendo por el sendero,

¿A dónde se apresuraba?
¿Creía él que la vida había terminado?
El sol brillaba, un hermoso cielo azul claro.
Había echado de menos los hermosos árboles en flor, el aire fresco y limpio,
Necesitaba encontrar paz y paciencia,
Como él relató su historia …
Molesto habían herido a su único amor, perdido y encerrado durante tres días, la cruel realidad y los juegos de la vida.
Un simple criatura de la creación, sin intención de provocar o causar daño.
Gracias a Dios, su amor está a salvo, defendió el acto de violencia y habló con el gerente.
Ya era hora de que tomara una profunda bocada de aire fresco, en un hermoso día.
“Oh no soy paciente”
“¿Crees que vas a llegar más rápido?”
Una sensación de ansiedad que el tiempo se iba a agotar para él, una innecesaria preocupación por el estrés, no la simplicidad, la paz y la paciencia.
Estaba más concentrado en el mundo exterior y en las cosas de las que podía quejarse,
Olvido que afortunada es la vida y cómo el sol ilumina nuestros días,
Las personas que conocemos y la diferencia que una sonrisa y un hola pueden alegrarlos,
A cualquiera que nos encontremos en nuestra vida.
Estuvo de acuerdo en que se había quejado, sonrió con un aire de sol y cada uno se fue por caminos separados.

By Natasha

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

"Our story does not define us but our actions will.” When faced with difficult choices in Life, some of our beliefs, self-sabotaging ideas we have about ourselves and others in our relationships will challenge us to take charge. Some will rise and take charge, whilst others will need a helping hand with The Power of Words Collection in english and spanish. Women in Poetry celebrates the voice of women, in recognition of their tremendous influence and impact in poetry, and showcases their inspirational words, stories and poems for the world to read. - 14th December 2018. Join the Conversation Every Friday on the 5 Minute Podcast - Parker The Poet in Kent Other links

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