Emotional Gunfire and Punches

Nothing can ever be accomplished with violence.

As a mother listened to the story…

Photo credit to repeatcrafterme

The young girl danced around in glee,

Believing her wicked blows were a prize,

A right of power or reward to lead,

Oh, Oh, Oh, What has happened to the girls?

Now she found herself hiding from all those,

Who were ready to hunt her down,

Walking the corridors,

Checking the locker rooms,

She had been vocalising,

Smug at her gunfire and punches,

Did she not hear the screams?

Don’t do that?

Stop? As the ambulance came,

The sirens screeching,

Now a terrain of war …

Not of wisdom and knowledge…

As girls launched themselves,

A counter rugby attack,

Had the young girl believed,

She would be able to hide from her emotions balloons?

Did she believe it would all disappear,

In a puff of smoke?

Why oh, why oh why?

Hadn’t they taken the time …

To show them the emotional balloons,

That explode one by one,

To help with them with their own inner violence … of revenge, anger and disappointment…

Nothing can ever be accomplished with violence.

The emotional gunfire and punches.


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