Sunday Sunshine Windows Las ventanas de Domingo de Sol

Credit to @faza3 photograph Sunday Sunshine Windows, Open or closed, We can spend our lives, Washing windows, Making them sparkle, Using all the techniques imaginable. From inside its dark yet we can still see the finger prints and smears, We can stand outside and look in, Never fully appreciating, The sunshine outside in, As itContinue reading “Sunday Sunshine Windows Las ventanas de Domingo de Sol”

Times Times Times Los Tiempos Los Tiempos Los Tiempos

Time, Time, Time, Times when people lived in darkness, Times when people roamed the wild, Times when people savagely hunted, An eye for an eye, A tooth for a tooth, Now only bones remain, World treasures behind glass casings, Each one reclaiming what was stolen, Never returned. Times when nature was our medicine, The elementsContinue reading “Times Times Times Los Tiempos Los Tiempos Los Tiempos”

Global Golden Reflections Reflejos de Oro Globales

We can carry the World on our shoulders but there is no escape from enjoying the refreshing sounds of the ocean. The footsteps of kindness will last forever and forgotten in a moment. The roots of generations are alive as we admire the beauty of knowledge. A pathway to heaven will take us to theContinue reading “Global Golden Reflections Reflejos de Oro Globales”

Naturally Concerned Naturalmente preocupado

He found her in the lost garden, Built on a foundation of Royal, A place where they would travel. To drink from the fountains, Of beauty, of health, of wealth, To bathe and remove the dust. From smog filled cobbled streets, Dirt tracks, now covered in tar, So many people naturally concerned, As cities placeContinue reading “Naturally Concerned Naturalmente preocupado”

Leave no one behind Let’s not forget the foundations of our very homes, families, communities, institutions built to support the structure of lives and the importance of open communication and our people’s happiness. “We are all born from Love to give and receive Love” It is in knowing the hidden communication of the heart which is so easyContinue reading “Leave no one behind”