Strawberry Moon Kisses – World Peace

How can we help our Family, Friends, Community, Country & World by taking 15 minutes a day to revitalise, rejuvenate, rediscover the Power behind this World Peace Energy Meditation a bridge version created by the Founder of Modern Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga, Master Choa Kok Sui. Share with your friends, family, colleagues who need [...]


She fell in Love Ella se enamoró

She fell in love with anger, As he marched up and down, How he clenched his fist, Slammed the table, It's my way or no way ... No time, no thoughtfulness, No tenderness or word of Love. She fell in love with rage, As he sat their deciphering, The codes, the messages, numbers, As he [...]

Happy Fathers Day Muppets Feliz Día del Padre

Image She cried as she felt the pain and screams, At the birth of her newborns, A reminder when the muppets, Made them smile, Playing hide and seek, Peak-a-boo, Now she hears the cries of, I swear promises made to the children, Far away, Lost in the Canyon del Sumidero, A treacherous train journey, [...]


Some will remember the lady with her umbrella ... a story and a song "Tuppence a bag" Yet how many will remember, The lady with the bags? As she pushes her trolley and bags, White hair, voluptuous, curvaceous, Singing in the early hours of the morning, Muttering, mumbling, Penniless, as she was given the coins [...]

Bodyguard Bananas

A bodyguard... that protects us from the line of fire... As too many Mothers shield their babies from their predators, eager to misuse, and abuse them, behind the sweat factories, as we continue to see their Mother’s tears, as their babies hand out bags, newspapers, pieces of fruit, sleeping on the corner of the streets... [...]


"It was foolish to not to believe that anger can turn to rage, that rage could lead to Love and Love to Peace" Does it take a death wish, To remove the rotting, Layers of maggot laden skulls, As we get caught in a fire of the past, Entanglement of deceit, Pure is the heart [...]