Tick Tock Time

Rushing against time,

Looking back at time,

Tick tock,

Tick tock,

Trying to reverse time,

Anticipating the next tick,

Then there is always a tock,

Turn the key,

Press the button,

Look at the face,

Watch the numbers,

Follow the second-hand seconds,

Against the clock?

Or with the rhythm,

An on looker and observer,

Or a chase to the finish line,

A beat of a heart beat,

A melody,

Breathing in,

Breathing out,

As the gentle breeze touches,

A second sensation,

As the leaves wave from side to side,

As the grass greets us with a hello,

And the daisies nod,

The evening is approaching,

A bell rings …

No it it’s not time yet …

The night sky full stars …

It’s not your time yet …

Tick tock time …

By Natasha

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