Leave no one behind



Let’s not forget the foundations of our very homes, families, communities, institutions built to support the structure of lives and the importance of open communication and our people’s happiness.

We are all born from Love to give and receive Love

It is in knowing the hidden communication of the heart which is so easy to be misled, misunderstood, passing sentence without knowing, the truth behind the pictures, the messages, telephone calls, hellos and goodbyes.

Can we plant seeds, of honesty? Are we able to ask for forgiveness? Do we have courage to stand up for what we believe in and value?

The door to communication is one we choose to open or close.

Will we be remembered for our open hearts to resolve or will we remembered for pain we try to dissolve or hide and conceal behind closed doors?

The essence of communication can comfort, reassure, strengthen and realign the crossroads, each one walking in a different pathway, different direction, or meet at the centre where communication begins.

If not today, the day will come when we will have to face the truth, as our last breath of communication is taken like the wind and there is only silence.

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

“People Matters, Lives Matter and You Matter Our story does not define us but our actions will” Bilingual, creative, problem-solving experience within Education, Hospitality, Banking, Media and Publishing. Consistently delivering first-rate exceptional customer satisfaction and service, strengthening business relationships at all levels. Remunerated for my hard work, dedication, and self-motivation, adaptable to work in a team or alone. Achieving booking sales of 180K in six months with one-week training on systems, No.1 in Sales Team of 60. Reduce outstanding debt by 50% in a 3 month period. Thrive on challenges, detail orientated and sometimes a perfectionist. Resourceful excelling at designing efficient quality control procedures and maintaining sound internal controls. Author and Poet in my spare time receiving recognition for my passion to inspire others and supporting my 3 Children in their Journey & Passions.

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