Climate Conditions

The week started with changing conditions,

Japan as the water overflowed,

People evacuated from their homes,

As the earthquakes began in California,

Cracks and faults,

As the foundations crumbled,

Buildings destroyed and people,

Fearful for their lives.

Snow in Latin America,

Some frozen in their tracks,

Pushing against the coldness of human nature.

Others living in inhuman conditions of poverty,

As they run and seek refuge,

From the power struggles of broken institutions.

Others engulfed by the fiery human nature,

That destroys life of nature and human nature,

As the temperatures rise in Europe,

As their blood boils with revenge and rage,

As the winds of change and change is necessary,

Be the catalyst of choice, challenge and change,

Conditions or climate,

External or internal,

Home and environment,

Built on foundations to last,

To weather the tornados and hurricanes of life.

By Natasha

@UN Global Goals a reminder as meetings start this week in New York

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