”We will be remembered for how we made people feel.”

Let’s hope the word “welcome” is high on the list.

Many have travelled to different parts of the World embracing the diversity, cultures and traditions.

Others will not be welcomed, spat at as they walk the streets of a sacred city.

Others shouting abuse and rage on the streets.

Others using guns to destroy the lives of others.

Others allowed to beg for food.

Others left homeless under the shop windows..

Others pushed to the limits of suicide.

Others lost in anxiety and panic attacks.

Others beaten brutally and left to bleed.

Others laughed at because of the colour of their skin.

Others left to walk the pathways of dust to find solutions.

Others using intimidation and force belittle a life.

A baby remembers “sorry we don’t accept dogs, babies or foreign people.”

50 Years ago in the UK

Welcome Welcome Welcome

By Natasha

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