Credit to HIPA 2020

What happens when there is no electricity? No power to generate the flow of water in our lives?

The hurricane of life comes,

The neighbours work together,

All children and able bodies,

Carry, fetch and deliver,

The essence of life,

In buckets, in bins, in bags,

Which ever way they can.

Our bodies thirst for the waters of life,

But too many are still left,

Digging, scrapping away at the surface,

Hoping to find a well,

To refresh their bodies, minds, hearts and souls,

The Father river toxic filled with waste,

The drains overflowing with rubbish,

The rusty pipes, broken and urgent,

Need of water life repairs,

A climate action of change,

An environmental human hazard,

What is the use of technology,

When the very basic need of life,

Is supported by water not No Water …

Investing in people or investing in machines?

Choices of life or no life …

As they bathe in the murky waters of,

Man made disease ridden lakes, rivers,

As the women wash their clothes by hand,

No water running from the taps,

No drinking water, No Water …

By Natasha

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