The Oceans Pearls

Poem The Oceans Pearls by Natasha

It’s the small gestures, words, thoughts and unconditional actions that sow the seeds, as we lift them up when they are down, understand their pain when no one is listening, hold their hand when they feel lost and give their life meaning when they are heart broken with sadness. …

We can be buried for millions of moments,

Below the sea bed,

Ready to surface or stay comfortable in our natural surroundings,

The seas rise and so does the temperature,

The levels of peace are destroyed,

When they are surrounded by cans of worms,

Tins, broken bottles, plastic bags,

Plastic choking the friends of the oceans,

Rivers, lakes, streets lined with dirty puddles,

The air above the oceans waters contaminated,

Toxic as their lungs collapse,

Their faces turn a shade of grey,

As the life energy is zapped,

From their veins,

Burnt as the ashes return to the oceans beds,

Adorned with flowers and incense.

To sleep a while longer with the oceans pearls.

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