Monday Raindrops

Credit to Beautiful Places in the World

Poem – Monday Raindrops

The rain drops started to fall on Monday,

On Tuesday they felt as cold as snow,

Others felt the warm tears, as their eyes filled with emotions,

Covering their soft cheeks,

The thought of a bond of friendship being broken,

Days of laughter, singing and chatting,

Over warm sips of coffee,

Eagerly waiting for the latest news.

Others that hearts filled so full,

Choking, hanging on to the raindrops,

Others silence … as they moved to the door,

Saw eyes, tired, weary, it was only the beginning of the end,

A year had passed and the rumbling roars,

Could still be remembered,

The embrace of beautiful tears,

Parting is such sad sorrow.

Too much for a Monday, Tuesday …

May our Wednesdays bring comfort and joy,

Thursday of Peace and Harmony,

Friday a week of celebration of friendships.

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