Steps & Ladders

Credit to The Globe Wanderer

Poem – Step & Ladders by Natasha

A child learns to take the steps,

Learns to rock,

backwards and forwards,


lift one leg,

then the next,

Until eventually,

he climbs to the table,

Walking around and around,

Building his confidence,

To finally let go.

As we stand by and applaud his achievement,

His first step,

Embrace him and remind him,

How it feels to be loved.

Some will fall and they will be cuddled,

Others still waiting for the courage,

To let go and enjoy the steps.

A climb from the bottom of the ladder,

Can be hard but the excitement and

Adventure of the climb,

Will help him to keep going.

As he climbed the book case,

Reaching for his favourite book.

Never underestimate how long it takes,

Nor how many rungs to reach the top.

Enjoy the feeling,

be grateful for the support,

Embrace, Love and attention,

Don’t let the rain stop him,

The snow, wind or clouds,

Until he finds his rainbow ….

Steps & Ladders

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