The Carpenter

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Poem – The Carpenter by Natasha

Have you ever thought about a piece of wood?

There are so many types,

Shapes, sizes, colours.

This is driftwood,

A sign that if we are using old wood,

We might need an update,

The cracks begin to show,

The grooves,

like wrinkles,

Weathered by the oceans,

The waves in and out,

As it gets battered by the rocks,

Until it finally finds shore,

Collected after having seen the oceans,

Deep creatures,

floating debris,

And beautiful coral flowers

and multicoured fish.

On its travels,

It met another plank of wood,

So stiff, so rigid,

Just floating,

waiting for help,

It needed love,


A comforting hand

to remove,

The shells

that covered the surface,

The weight

had been too much,

The emotional storms

had not been kind.

The carpenter

rubbed the surface,

Filled the cracks,



Now with a new coat,


happy and


To explore new horizons …

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