Virtual Moments Matter

Poem – Virtual Moments Matter

The destructive impulse,

Raiding the shelves,

The uncontrollable intoxicated ideas,

That eat away at our foundations,

Coughing and spluttering,

Destroy a peaceful moment,

Each one with their own agenda,

There was no calm,

Washing away the filth and wealth,

As the markets tumbled,

As the flights were cancelled,

Simply singing a song made their hearts,

Rejoice from balcony to balcony,

As the elderly stay confined to their homes,

Schools close, events cancelled,

Life changing in challenging times,

We rise with courage to face the demons,

Illusions destroyed as the tales are shared,

Opinions questioned and dream holidays float away,

Stand strong in the face of danger,

Have faith in our ability to contain,

The fear, rage, anxiety and welcome the doors to new discoveries,

Better understanding, mutual cooperation,

Strategic plans to save lives,

Care for the sick and lonely,

The vulnerable left on our streets,

A virus, a wake up call,

No weapons will prevent the loss of lives,

No gold enough will rebuild the lives lost,

No skyscrapers will comfort theirs souls from grief,

A blank page… let’s start again …

At the centre of every home lies a heart,

Of Peace, of Love and of Joy,

Make the virtual moments matter…

Virtually connected and explore,

Different avenues of working, of sharing,

Caring and enjoying what matters most

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