Lightning Strikes

Photo Credit to Fazza and Sony

Poem – Lightning Strikes by Natasha

The skies a shade of purple,

The light that destroys the darkness,

Transforming, changing and disrupting,

The lives of millions,

Sheltering in their homes,

Strengthening our family love connections,

Building community foundations of unity and strength,

As we hear the roars of the media,

The panic and frantic fear of survival,

Tears of nurses, doctors, care workers, our services,

As they save lives,

There is no colour, race, religion, gender,

To their efforts in lighting the World,

Giving back life,

Saving lives as some return to their homes,

With their time, energy, dedication and affection,

Find a moment of peace and compassion,

Of prayer and reflection,

Gratitude to all who are rising above the storm clouds,

Switching on the lights and allowing others,

Another opportunity to take another breath of fresh air of life.

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