Puffin Struggle

Credit to @faz3

Poem – Puffin Struggle by Natasha

The very foundations of our lives,

Have crumbled into an ocean of uncertainty,

Credit to @faz3

What we believed has changed,

Who we turn to and connect with,

Credit to @faz3

When time is the only constant.

How we rise above the depths,

Embrace the chaos,

The challenge,

Adapt to our new environment,

Connect with our lives,

Our soul, our heart and mind,

To able to sit on the rock,

Credit to @faz3

At the edge of the shore,

Watch the waves come and go.

Fly above the crashing of the noise,

Credit to @faz3

Keep Safe and shield our loved ones from,

Credit to @faz3

The blazing sun,

That empowers us within,

To find clarity amidst the puffin struggle,

Of our everyday lives …

Credit to @faz3

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