Dandelion s

Poem – Dandelions by Natasha

The skies are filled with the seeds of dandelions,

The streets march in celebration to remember,

St. George,

A brave heart filled with courage.

As the birds sing in the pine trees,

As the songs of a mother,

Busy, buzzingly, singing,

From an open window.

As the seeds floated,

A magical mid-morning moment.

As they fell one by one,

Into the soft earth,

Some in the stones,


Far away from the stinging nettles,

That cause pain.

Close by a a magical leaf,

It’s balm soothing,

To comfort all child young and old,

Oblivious to the deadly knight shades,

Hiding in the bushes,

Or nettles in the lonely,

Forest pathways …

Dandelions … silent as the wind,

Carries the seeds of sunshine buttons,

To our gardens and homes…

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