@All Poetry – Start the Day with a #Poem

A Poem to start the Day. I just thought they are so wonderful. Lovely Soul & Perfect Flaws by Heemdoeee

Lovely Soul

Lovely soul, bringing light to the
dark and warmth to the cold.

Overwhelming lust spreading unimaginable Love unbreakable hold.

Taking over every emotion her
love is timeless, she’s a treasure
liquid gold.

Sun kissed skin glowing bright
rarest sight, ever so bold.

Behold a natural beauty like a drug euphoric, lovely soul.

Perfect Flaws

Earthly Heart, wounded love marked
by beautiful scars. Hidden prize a
Unimaginable treasure in worthy

Heavily neglected, all you ever
needed was protection. Walk
into loving arms, I am your wall
I’ll be your guard.

You are gifted with talent that can’t
be measured. Energy is ever so
infectious, your words sweet with
every letter.

Purest soul in rare form, blossoming
rose you break every mold. As light
turns to dark you are the brightest
star, Earthly Heart.

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