The Black & White Knight

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In prayer, humble. In service, loyal. In battle, invincible!

Unquestioned master of weapons with a temper known as the dragon’s claw.

Well-versed in the arts of chivalry, yet in attack, he is the lion uncaged!

Called the “lion’s heart” in many a battle. Set him at liberty, and paralyze the enemy!

Defeat and regret are the reward of challengers to the point of the Red & Yellow Knight’s lance!

Renowned as a champion of the defenseless!

“Each one different as they battle, each one using their own skills, talents, and weapons to defeat and master life’s challenge.”

Living in a land of castles and knights in shining armour, Hever Castle, my favourite place, to walk around the lake, admire the view, embrace the rose gardens, archway pathways, hidden statues and maze. As the children jump from stone to stone, to arrive in the middle and stand tall in their own tower and appreciate the journey of not being soaked by the water, or slip between the cracks, some guided from outside to help them every step of the way.

If you get the chance to visit the UK and the Gardens of Kent … Remember the Knights, Castles, Kings and Queens and take a journey into the past …

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