“Our story does not define us but our actions will” Natasha

Poem – Survival by Natasha

As the fires light up the cities,

As the roars march the streets,

As the differences surface,

As the tears and clouds of chemicals,

Make them cry.

As the beats of broken hearts scream for justice.

As the illness of centuries,

Confine people to their homes.

As the contaminated environments,


As the waters over flow,

The rubbish washed beneath the oceans.

A drop of blood, a breath of fresh air,

Lifeless gone, not forgotten,


We are only Hunan.

The roars of the lion,

The strength of the tiger,

The patience of the tortoise,

The kindness of the dog,

The beauty of a rose,

As the petals fall and are carried by the wind,

As we say our goodbyes.

Too many lives lost,

Too many heartaches,

Too many tears,

Too many lost in a jungle of despair,

Hunger, desperation, fighting for survival …

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