Happy Fathers Day


Copyright © 2014 by Luisa Natasha Parker

Chapter Six  – FATHERS

Once again, so many different types, characters how men play the role of fathers and how important it is to them.

We have the ones if you asked their children to describe them maybe they would say – oh he is the one that works all day but I really don´t get much time to spend with him.

Maybe they would say – oh he is always there to read me a story and kiss me goodnight at night. There are so many types of situations and as a result most fathers do and try the best they can to fulfill the expectations of their families and responsibilities.

This is a Poem I wrote after seeing a Father say goodbye to his son …

It´s Work, Work, Work
A child clutched to his father
with all his might
Embraced with little arms around his neck.

Moving closer and closer so
he would never forget, would always remember
the smell of his hair, the look in his eyes,
the strength of his body and the warmth he
felt inside.

Just a moment longer, that isn´t enough
as he wriggled and wriggled in the
warmth of the embrace. Not a word
was said or even a warm tender smile
as his father looked to the sky.

Today is today, and never forget,
a moment is a moment or a time of regret.
As the small boy was left on the roadside
with an emptiness and loneliness inside,
Oh, he´s off to Work, Work, Work.

by: Luisa Natasha Parker


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