Final Note

Final Reflection note …

“Energy Empowerment Sattvic or Loving speech, along with Peaceful harmonious actions in a supportive and positive environment, are the mandates for a Healthy and Happy Baby, Child, Teenager, Young Adult, Adult, Family, Community, Nation.”  Natasha

It took many years of reflection, many years of watching the tears, listening to the pain and seeing the suffering, many years to reflect on the virtues, values, to create a moment of Peace for the bullied child, abandoned, left to starve from the words of Love, of a comforting embrace they never received, a word of appreciation which was masked by depreciation and rejection.

It starts with us all taking responsibility for our actions consciously.

Turn the music down and find a moment of Peace.

As a mother embraced the book and found her moment of peace. As the child’s anger disappeared into the night sky.

As she watched and shared the words especially written with the teachers, government officials, media, psychologists, parents, therapists and children young and old.

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