We Rejoice in the UK

As the rain starts in the UK and we REJOICE! Time to get some writing done … for my next book. What do you think? Do you want to read more? I may not write like JK Rowling but she might like to read this one. A different style of story through the Power of Poetry.

The Gestapo watched their every move,

The Mexican Mafia lie waiting to overthrow,

The Kingdom,

The shillings counted like the sheriff collector from the Crusader times.

The soothsayers and naysayers rang their bells,

Light their fires,

waved their feathers and created their potions,

Filled with deceit, with destruction, with an intention to harm.

The grenades were thrown,

The dirt filled punches,

Lay forlorn and useless.

To a greater truth to the signs behind the scenes of Divorce, separation and broken connections.

Vital to the life and soul of the home,

built on a foundation of Love.


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