Far Too Many

Poem Far Too Many by Natasha

Far too many people are struggling with the day to day living and life.  

Far too many people are left homeless, jobless and their sense of passion, purpose and happiness has been destroyed.

Far too many people 99% of the total World population are living in a world built on inequalities.

A lesson learnt during COVID-19 no one is exempt from the trauma of having lost a loved one.

Far too many people have lost the person they depended on most to support them with their income.

Far too many are looking to government institutions worldwide for support and security to know that they can support and raise their family.

Far too many are living with mental health issues and find every day a struggle to find a purpose.  With Suicide being the No.1 killer and takes lives.

Far too many people are living miserably and which does not help to raise their hopes for a better future.

Far too many people are begging on our worldwide streets.

Far too many people feel that they have not been heard and walk the path of injustice, bitterness, anger and hatred.

Far too many are being led on a road of corruption as they are left to find a way to survive from the lack of resources, support and security which each Leader has a duty to provide.

Far too many people are dying from illnesses through their own foundation structures being dismantled and crushed.

Far too many people are looking for inspiration and motivation but are confined to a cell of isolation, loneliness, depression, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence to rise above the challenge.

Far too many are left out to dry in the sun as they become wrinkled with the worry and anxiety of living a life worthy of living.

Connection, Communication, Community …

A sense of belonging is greatly needed in these times,

and there are so many wonderful people behind the united community efforts,

that work tirelessly to raise hope, enthusiasm in their hearts,

A confidence that had been lost and so that they can walk tall,

Once again with a sense of life is for living.

Look to the stories of the people who are creating the change in our communities.

God Bless them All.

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