World Humanitarian Day – Reach Out

Poem – Reach Out by Natasha

Every day we have an opportunity to reach out our hand,

Listen to the stories behind their saddened faces,

A moment to see how the heart-ache kept buried,

Left this beautiful young lady awake, restless and anxious.

A constant reminder of mistakes from the past,

As she built her own tortoise-like shell.

She has her whole life ahead of her,

How in a moment of anger led to regret,

How a moment of false connections,

How a moment of false ideas,

How a moment of false beliefs.

It was time for her to let go,

The shade of grey in her face,

To bring back that beautiful child,

Who loved stories,

Who loved the magical moments with her grandfather.

As we opened the book,

Written many years ago,

It was time to share a story she needed to hear.

A book filled with the journey of relationships.

A goal was set,

So I’m looking forward to reading her story,

from a land so far away.

A place I hope to one day to visit,

Where the streets are filled with spices,

Where the people are filled with rainbow colours,

Where the stories of many of my grandfathers lie.

A helping loving hand, a listening ear and a generous heart.

God bless all the people who make the time to bring back joy into peoples lives.

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