COV19 What Happened

What started as a morning reflection during lockdown turned into a daily podcast, finding words to share with people on a daily basis.

The words turned into a book not one but two. Filled with stories to brighten your day and Rise it’s time to Believe in You.

Words of encouragement at a time when people need a word of comfort.

Now available.

Thank you to each and everyone who checked in every day to listen read and share. Thank you to the people who selected their special story for their day each one mentioned in these books.

Have a great Sunday

Thanks to Daniel Urban Oliver Urban Parker Sav Bastow Angie Parker NES Ben Bastow Alex Bastow Marisol Velarde Jorge Raya Jorge Chuc Abraham Cassab @Adrian @ariana Ian MariaLuisa Isabela Sabrina Patrizia Slater Angeli Paul Mills Master Stephen Co Master Glenn Marilag Mendoza @masternona @mastercoakoksui Deepak Parkar Hope I haven’t missed anyone

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