Back to School

A word of comfort and reassurance can mean so much as children return to school.

For the bullied child as he raises his hands to cover his eyes,

For the child that lives in constant fear searching for a place of safety from the noise , ridicule and humiliation,

For the child whose selfworth feels like an enormous boulder as their eyes look to the floor,

For the anxious child who has lost their self confidence,

For the stressed child that finds life difficult,

For the restless child looking for comfort,

For the saddened child who has lost enthusiasm for life and living,

For the bully who lives in a constant turmoil of anger, hatred and bitterness,

For the child abandoned of a word of appreciation,

Matt Tompkins – Principal/CE0
Gems FirstPoint School
Dr. Steve G. Jones – World Leading Hypnotist
Simon Brown – Consultant & Teacher
Books Available


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