Honour Respect Integrity

I was upset yesterday, breaks my heart when I hear stories about #Teachers Humiliating #students #depreciating their value and gift each #child brings. Words have The Power to destroy a child’s self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, assertiveness and their belief they can make a difference and they are valued for their contribution to society.

Each child is battling against a new age of bullying cyber, social media overload, broken-hearted, family difficulties and disruptions in the working environment and home.

We can help them or just brush it under the carpet as not important and add to the increase in depression, anxiety, mental illness, hatred, violence and abuse.

It starts with each one of us. Being honest living the qualities of honour, respect, values, honesty and integrity.

Reminds me of a private school who thought tying up a child with cello-tape to keep him quiet. A boy humiliated standing at the front of the class so everyone could laugh. A boy constantly told he was useless.

It’s not a laughing matter with unhealthy attitudes and contaminated environments to believe that this is the way forward.

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