🍂 Autumn Micael Schools

In some #schools they prepare in Autumn to celebrate San Micael.

My children had the opportunity when they were young to join in the festivities and create their own lanterns and other activities.

I thought I would share this story which I read today shared by my friend Claudia Pozo – Owner & Director of El Papalote .,,


Saint Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of the seas and coasts, of ships and sailors, of horses and riders. He is known for conquering the powers of darkness and for being the one who brought Lucifer out of heaven. According to some legends, it is Michael who sends meteoric iron in the form of a rain of stars during the autumn to instill in humanity the power to recognize the reality of the spiritual and gradually work effectively in people.

Iron gives us the strength to confront the two forces that act on the human being: the ahrimanic forces (forces that seek to "attach man to the earth" as much as possible, tie him to his physical body condition, so that his vision the world is only technical-material) and the Luciferic (ecstatic-delightful and mundane-ephemeral forces, make the human being realize himself on the spiritual plane in a licentious way).

The human being must try to level these two forces and that is why the figures of the Archangel Michael, the balance, Saint George, the sword and the Dragon are relevant.

The celebration occurs just after the summer equinox, when day and night are the same.

In Waldorf schools this date is commemorated with the Michael festival, celebrating it towards the end of September and thus marking the beginning of autumn. It is important to connect with the spirit of the celebration at least two weeks in advance, through the stories, tales, and elements of the room.

Fall is the time of harvest and plenty. The days begin to shorten and day by day the darkness comes earlier and earlier. Many of the festivals at this time of year are related to? Light? and all of them are reminders that we must find that inner strength and light that will guide us through the darkness of winter.

Fall is a time of transition between the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

Little by little it seems that everything around us decays but in reality it is collected, everything returns to the earth so that in winter they work to emerge with their colors during spring.

During the fall the seeds that were sown in spring and that grew during the summer are harvested and thus we receive the promise of new life in spring.

The celebration of Micael invites us to reflect on our own limitations, fears.

It invites us to find the light and strength that we have within and gives us the courage to do things and thus find a balance in our life despite difficulties.”

Mindful Reflection

Spiritual Reflection


Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

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