Make them Smile

A story about Man and his best friend…

As the conversation started on a grey autumn morning, the grass still damp from the heavy rains …

As he looked at his best friend, worried about her hip and leg …

– “Do you notice she’s limping? She has to be fit and well for Friday.

As he continued how they had been invited to a special event on the grange.

As she listened to his concern, it was time to ask how he was feeling. How was his hip and legs.

-“Well, I have a pain here and a slight twinge there.”

-“Have you ever thought how important your connection with your friend is?” If she is hurting it can also mean a reflection of how you are. Let’s see if by helping you with you’re pain we resolve her pain.”

-“We started … the pain that held memories from the past deep in the tissues, bones and muscles.”

As we focused on the two areas and he checked the changes as he held her and moved her legs backwards and forwards.

As his own pain was released from the past so did the pain and worry disappear.

The pain in her leg and hip had been removed as he was shocked that she had never moved her leg like that before saying it had been a birth defect.

He smiled and thanked her, as his best friend jumped in the garden running for her stick.

Every day we have an opportunity to make people smile …

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