Words Matter Your Voice Matters

For many we have been listening to the words of Who will be elected as the countdown continues. As CNN shares Words Matter in their advertising campaign, but also each person has a Voice to Vote and Choice.

Did the words matter I decided to share to the children abandoned and left in a cage as the conditions they were living in was totally unacceptable. Yes, for a moment of inspiration and motivation to lift their spirits and feed them with encouragement.

Did the words matter I decided to share to the local community looking for a moment of joy. Yes, for a moment they danced, smiled and felt loved by the Words.

Did the words matter I decided to share with 12 schools who needed that moment of appreciation and inspiration. Yes, as they touched their hearts and for some it was a moment of tears of joy, someone had taken the time to recognise their efforts.

Did the words matter I decided to share to 350 students locally. Yes, as they had fun and enjoyed a moment of motivation, as they shook my hand and said thank you.

Did the words matter to the son of a Local President as he sat miserably waiting to be listened to. Yes, as he thanked me and told his mum you must listen to these words.

Words have the ability to destroy a person’s self-esteem and confidence, being hypnotised that they are not good enough, strong enough, worthy enough, or will ever be successful. Crushing their dreams or hope for a better tomorrow.

The tone of our voice, the melody of our voice, the rhythm of our voice has the ability to heal or to create fear, anxiety, depression and sadness. Be a light in the World by sharing your Voice, sharing your Words to comfort, reassure and encourage people every day. Bringing back that SMILE.

3 Books dedicated to 3 Children, dedicated to my Father and Family, and Honouring All Lives. Available for you to paint, write, draw, read in a special series of WORKBOOKS. NOVEMBER on Amazon who deliver Worldwide.

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