New Release December

Finishing the Year with a sense of Gratitude, Reflection and Words that gave me inspiration and motivation to Never Give UP.

The greatest gift I can give each and everyone this Christmas are my Words of comfort, Words of Inspiration and Motivation united together with the many others mentioned as you turn the pages and remember them in this book for you to enjoy, share, write, read, paint and draw.

A book that started many years ago filled with photographs to bring back that smile to every child written in 7 languages as I watched them smile, laugh, and say thank you.

Recorded in english and spanish as a cd and which brought back a child’s self-worth and self-esteem. They had been hypnotised by the words of discouragement, worthlessness and depreciation. A bully who turned a new page from anger to smiles with a renewed sense of purpose and encouragement.

May each family be joined in the spirit of togetherness and united, that their hearts be consoled from the loss of many lives this year and empty chairs, as we cherish their memories, celebrate the gift of Life.

God bless each family this Christmas.

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