December – Sparkle

These 3 books are complete. Now to put the final touches to Sparkle. These are some of the names behind this very special book to finish the year with a sense of gratitude for their words, a sense of inspiration, motivation and a moment of reflection to remember the words that have been shared and now cherished in Sparkle.

Mark Twain, Lao Tzu, Jesse Owens, Vince Ernesto Lombardi, Radhanath Swami, Winston Churchill, Eleanor Roosevelt, Leonardo da Vinci, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Zuckerberg, Princess Diana, Marcus Aurelius, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, Jr., Napoleon Hill, Mother Teresa, Oscar Wilde, Buddha, Wayne Dyer, Voltaire, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Henry Ford, Confucius, Khalil Gibran, Alan Watts, Bob Fosse, Maria Montessori, Paramahansa Yogananda, Lord Byron, Mahatma Gandhi, Victor Hugo, Li Ka-shing,

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