World Philosophy Day

As the politicians lash out,

As the lawyers battle in the court rooms,

As the reporters fill the pages,

As the darkness is revealed to the light,

As the gold and silver is exchanged,

As the foundations begin to crumble,

As the worms reveal their true self,

As the swords are waved,

As the words of trust are destroyed,

As the words left the children crying,

As they were sold and abused for a pound of fresh flesh,

As a writer uses a pen,

To fill in the blanks,

Not guns or weapons that destroy lives,

A simple pen,

Not a lethal injection of chemical warfare,

Not a lethal virus or malware chip,

As the stories are revealed.


There will always be rain,

There will always be wind,

There will always be storms,

There will always be sunshine,

There will always be moonlight,

There will always be stars.


Look after the roses in our gardens,

Treat them with the delicate attention they deserve.

One word, one thought one action.

Not empty promises.


Be the calm amongst the rising oceans,

As the rubbish floats to the surface,

As the drains over flow,

As they wash their laundry,

Hang them out to dry,

Let the fresh air in,

As the white sheets fly,

A moment of peace, of calm, of love,

Honouring all lives lost on the battlefields of life.

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