The Archer & Alchemist

A story How I found The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho It was one of those days … exhausted and all I wanted to do was get home to my children. Anyone working in the #Media will understand what I mean. The steps seemed to take forever to get to the station as I walked Calverley road, down Mountain Pleasant only to hear the whistle of the train about to leave as I jumped on.

Was it mistake? Was going in the right direction? Fortunately, I would not understand until I climbed off the train at the next station.

I had been travelling to the coast! There must be some blessing behind this, now it would take even longer to get home.

I walked through the door to the little wooden waiting room to find a book. “The Alchemist” a book I loved reading.

As “The Archer” has been launched another book to add to my list.

(As a Sagittarius “we can send arrows of love, we can send arrows of peace, we can send arrows to comfort the wounded in the battle of just living.” Natasha)

Share a Gift this Christmas

“The Society of Ordinary Prophets and Poets is a skillfully constructed journey of reflection. The author has layered emotional responses to cleverly crafted stimulus. Your own attachment to the words is deeply personal.

The opportunity to respond to your feelings within the book allows you to quickly re-count and re-visit the path you take through the book.

I would highly recommend this book to support self-reflection.

Our lives are often complex and at times confusing, this compilation facilitates the finding of clarity.

Thank you Natasha, this is a gift that we will all cherish.”

Matt Tompkins – Principal & CEO

GEMS FirstPoint School

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

“People Matters, Lives Matter and You Matter Our story does not define us but our actions will” Bilingual, creative, problem-solving experience within Education, Hospitality, Banking, Media and Publishing. Consistently delivering first-rate exceptional customer satisfaction and service, strengthening business relationships at all levels. Remunerated for my hard work, dedication, and self-motivation, adaptable to work in a team or alone. Achieving booking sales of 180K in six months with one-week training on systems, No.1 in Sales Team of 60. Reduce outstanding debt by 50% in a 3 month period. Thrive on challenges, detail orientated and sometimes a perfectionist. Resourceful excelling at designing efficient quality control procedures and maintaining sound internal controls. Author and Poet in my spare time receiving recognition for my passion to inspire others and supporting my 3 Children in their Journey & Passions.

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