Learning & Personal Development – Fear & Pain

There is great growth when we understand our pain. Expression through painting, writing, reading and drawing can help to awaken a sense of joy, dampen the damage from past pain and embrace every day with a sense of gratitude.

3 Books to Paint Write Read Draw –
Inspiration Motivation and Empowerment

Freedom of thought, words and actions. Suppress the pain and life will show the emotional turmoil.

A thought about what we learn and what was learnt.

Learnt to suppress negative emotions like getting angry, pulling faces, being rude, throwing tantrums and control and suppress desires. Learns about the fear of making errors, being judged, imperfection, disorganisation.

Learnt to suppress and deny needs and when expressed felt selfish and guilty and learnt about being devalued and frustrated when didn’t receive recognition. Learns about fear through not being loved, rejection, being alone, criticised and worthlessness.

Learnt to suppress feelings that were confusing and hindered growth by leaving them in a box. Learns about the fear of being a failure, ridicule, emptiness, and rejection.

Learnt how to control and suppress emotions and feelings. Learns through fear abandonment, rejection, not completing the expectations of others, not being special, being thought as being a defect, strange and being laughed at and rejection.

Learnt to suppress feelings becoming reserved, isolated and reserved. Learns about fear through feeling emotions, rejection and abandonment.

Learns to disguise fear using insecurity through being rebellious and aggressive to avoid being taken advantage of.

Learnt to suppress confrontation and escape, learnt about control and limitations which caused anger. Learns fear through confrontation, anxiety, suffering and pain.

Learnt to suppress fear and pain. Learns about fear through weakness, being dominated by someone else, being betrayed and opening up to emotions.

Learnt to suppress feelings and emotions and learnt not to express anger. Learns fear through not confronting problems, feelings of worthlessness, change and loss, separation and being alone.

A 40 minute #hypnotherapy session including a #visualisation technique to focus on areas of your #body that needs that extra #care and attention and can be used #daily to recharge and rejuvenate.

One 15 minutes meditation without OM as it has been suggested that this is not suitable for people with heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure and severe life threatening illness.

Find 15 minutes daily to reboost your energy and focused intentions to support you and your family.

Have you ever thought about Energy?

For thousands of years the traditions of the past resurface and are updated to support people with their #health and #wellbeing, #mentally, #emotionally, #physically and #spiritually.

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