Loss Gratitude & Reflection

One of the greatest loss we ever have to experience is the loss of life.

A person who means the World to us and is no longer with us. Even harder when we aren’t able to say goodbye or Thank You for being you and being part of our lives.

Knowing they aren’t there at the end of the telephone, aren’t there to share their smile, aren’t there when we need that hug or word of encouragement.

Knowing we will have to take the time to heal from the pain of loss, of heartache and emptiness we feel inside.

Hoping that with time we can cherish their memories and presence in our lives and still are able to wipe away the tears, embrace life and be grateful and thankful for today.

As today I honour my Father and life gave me a son born on his birthday so I will never forget how he made me feel.

A book filled with poems. Write Paint Read and Draw this December

As robin comes every day to say hello, with his little red breast, a smile and tweet as we sit in the garden together.

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