Short Story – Shanti- Together

I thought I would write a short story, something I don’t normally do, a reflection about Peace in a World that sometimes feels so cold as Speakers join Together on 15th December, 2020 #End Violence Against Children – link below.

“Words carry emotions and have unimaginable consequences.” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Shanti sat on the cold concrete step, as she looked down at her hands, no bigger than a Christmas bauble.   She looked at the skin as it draped over the young fingertips, examined, scrutinised and criticised each finger, the shape, size and colour. 

For a moment, she wished they were invisible, that they were absent from colour, maybe even a touch of paleness to them, like the milky way in the sky.  Yet today, the stars were not shinning, the sparkle in her eyes of excitement had been turned into rain drops.  Falling drop by drop touching her soft skin then eventually trickling to the floor.

The babbling sounds of sobs continued, and the puddle of raindrops disappeared, lost between the cold stone slabs of concrete. 

Shanti sat in silence, still hearing the laughter and the cheering in the square lined with trees.

Gently raising her delicate hands to her swollen dark gems, burden with heaviness, to wipe away the raindrops and stains of sadness.  Just like a grey sky filled with clouds.  The rain continued to fall like an ever-flowing waterfall, that seemed there was no end nor the drain close by deep enough to hold the tears.

The realisation had set in, no longer being invited to join the games, skipping, jumping and fun of hide and seek.  They had crowned themselves kings of their own kingdoms and destinies in a thoughtless act of unkindness. 

The sharp sword words waved slowly rusting in time and vanishing into thin air, as she was shield by her sun kissed armour of love.

The snow storm had come, and now it was time for Shanti to find shelter, as she tiptoed to reach the bell, so that someone would open the door to a better understanding of love and kindness. 

Searching for a welcoming smile, a comforting embrace, a warm bed and plate of delicious delights, to fill the emptiness of soulless acts of divisions and divide. 

An embrace can mean so much, a word of comfort can mean so much, especially when it seems we are drowning in a well of sadness, feeling vulnerable to the winds of disappointments.

Wednesday was the day she would kneel and look up at the tabernacle shining. As Shanti joined her hands together like a pinnacle against her heart.  A hope that the belittling and abuse would end.  Faith that hands would one day join together to form a ring of united colours.  

Watching, whilst the priest turned the key, to open the door to a heart of kindness, concealed within, a chalice radiating a warmth glow of comfort and of miracles from the past to Shanti’s broken heart. As the snowflakes and icicles melted in that moment.

The daily shower of scrapping away, pulling, tugging and scratching, would the colour fade away, would the humiliation stop.  Feeling less than perfect or unique, as the mud slowly dissipated and melted like chocolate to the touch from the warmth of the pure water droplets of daily comfort and love.

A mask of mud, or a body of mud, letting the mud-drops fall, one by one, concealing the pain between the soft layers of tenderness. Now, the childrens’ words, being engulfed by the drains to the deepest, darkest, place where they belonged.

She closed her eyes, and she was nearly there, she took a deep breath, and she was nearly there.  Filling her chalice with fresh clean pure water, as she clasped her hands together.  Splashing the freshness of being awake and alive, away from the mud balls which were being hurled outside. 

Standing tall, brave and with a courageous heart, against the mocking blackbird that sat behind her to destroy her peace.  As he flew to the back of the classroom in amazement that his words would no longer torture her, her brothers, and her sisters.

Forever hoping the sunshine would maybe take her far away, where the warmth of her delicate sun kissed golden armour would be accepted.

As the large royal colour birds carried her far away to distant lands, to explore the wonders of nature.  A dream of a better place by the sea, an ocean of possibilities and opportunities for her to explore. Music, melodies, traditions and cultures to embrace each new day with sense enthusiasm and optimism.

To fan, shake, wiggle and giggle away the past disappointments to the sound of the maracas, castanets and bells.   Revive her soul with the essence of dance and tapping steps of flamenco whilst her hands captured strengthen and courage.  The days of guitar serenatas, the vibrant cheerful mariachis moments of laughter, love and fiesta.  A musical orchestral life moment of memories, feeling alive and happy.

The forever young innocent child continued enjoying the music, moments of silence, filling the pages with the melody notes from her heart, mind, body and soul.  Fingers touching keys, whilst the musical words filled the screen with a sense of gratitude for a wonderful life of adventure.  The chalice of faith by her side and belief that dreams do come true for you, me and Shanti. Together …

Audio Story

End Violence Against Children – Dreams can come True – It's time to believe in YOU – Spanish Version Luisa Natasha Parker

Now Released in #Spanish words can be #Music to a #child’s ears when they are repeated time and time again. End Violence Against Children  Dreams can come True – It's time to believe in YOU Hello and welcome to the words especially written to comfort the children who are suffering in silence and still today there are more than 1 billion children at the hands of abuse.  A receiving violence, abusive words, actions and breaking their spirit to truly being loved, understood, nurtured and cared for.  Spanish Version  
  1. End Violence Against Children – Dreams can come True – It's time to believe in YOU – Spanish Version
  2. The PPPodcast Parker The Poet in Kent – One – Moments

These are a list of the Speakers #EndViolence against #children & link to join

Sarafina, child activist and World Vision Youth Leader from Ghana

Zahra, child activist from Indonesia

Alice Albright, CEO, Global Partnership for Education

Amina Mohammed, UN Deputy Secretary-General

Anne-Birgitte Alberectsen, CEO Plan International; Joining Forces

Asa Lindhagen, Minister for Gender Equality, Government of Sweden 

Dr. Daniela Ligiero, CEO and Executive Director, Together for Girls

Hans Vestberg, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Verizon Communications

Henrietta H. Fore, Executive Director, UNICEF

Dr. Howard Taylor, Executive Director, End Violence Partnership

Dr. Joan Nyanyuki, Executive Director, African Child Policy Forum

Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Laureate

Rev Keishi Miyamoto, President, Arigatou International

Prof Lucie Cluver, Universities of Oxford and Cape Town

Mabel van Oranje, Founder and Board Chair, Girls Not Brides

First Lady Maria Juliana Ruiz, Government of Colombia

Dr. Najat Maalla M’jid, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence Against Children

Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, Government of Australia

Satoshi Nakanish, Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Government of Japan

HM Queen Silvia of Sweden

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO

Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs

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