Boxing Day – A gift for every Family and Child

A gift 🎁 has many shapes and sizes,

A book to escape to enjoy the adventure of life and living,

The smile of a child,

The embrace of a mother and father,

The Words,

The Thoughts,

The Actions,

Wrapped in a gift,

To listen 🎧 enjoy and play,

Time and time again,

To embrace the gift of each child,

Celebrating the joy they bring,


No matter how long old you are.

Every time a child is has his ears boxed by words, thoughts and actions of being belittled, bullied, abandoned, rejected and not accepted for the who they are and the value they bring into the World has long term consequences.

Crushing their dreams, their strength, perseverance, self-esteem and confidence to create and manifest their dreams.

A pattern that repeats time and time again, until we unlock the key of the memory of feelings and emotions which lie deep in the core of our souls.

As they struggle with the emotional baggage stored their life, the scars which over time will show the pain.

By repeated listening to the words especially designed to reinforce the inner strength of the soul to manifest and make Your dreams come true – it’s time to Believe in You.

“You are my Star – Papa” “You are Special like the World.”

Shared 350 primary students, the children abandoned and left in social services, 12 private schools, family community days and which brought a smile to each child.

Now 6th January 2021 You are my Star – Papa II” – “Dreams can come True – it’s time to believe in you.”

“It is essential for you to encourage the positive emotions as dominating forces of your mind, and discourage- and eliminate negative emotions.” Napoleon Hill

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