Start Each Day with

Is so easy to get caught in the emotions mentioned above.

I’m going to share a Monday thought…

Just imagine … What happens when you see everyone living in misery? We can just go with the flow or take the initiative and do something.

It could be anything from helping a school and their owner to realise the lack of communication, lack of parent engagement, lack of funds, lack of organisation, deficit in budgets.

It could be a community of homeowners waking up to the fact where was the focus? It’s easy to make plans to spend owners money but more important to be efficient and effective. Weed out the liars, fraudulent activities and their is strength in getting the job done no matter the resistance.

It could be a you find the idea of cooperation isn’t working, that the lack of harmony, team building, supporting staff, employees, volunteers in achieving their goal in the long term the bickering, backstabbing and constant rule changes, who can, who can’t, or not delivering the promise allows the business to flop.

It could be a that you find the mismatches, the policies, the company image and people are not United and working cooperatively and their is a need for change to bring back the spirit of optimism and a one aim goal.

It could be a a relationship that’s destroying your soul and to confidently rise and break the barrier or brick wall to Believe You are Special like the World.

It could be the realisation that you find people living in pain, emotionally, mentally, physically,financially and spiritually and help them rise above the pain.

We love to make life better and make people smile.

Start with auto-suggestion with Dreams can come true it’s Time to Believe in You.

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

“People Matters, Lives Matter and You Matter Our story does not define us but our actions will” Bilingual, creative, problem-solving experience within Education, Hospitality, Banking, Media and Publishing. Consistently delivering first-rate exceptional customer satisfaction and service, strengthening business relationships at all levels. Remunerated for my hard work, dedication, and self-motivation, adaptable to work in a team or alone. Achieving booking sales of 180K in six months with one-week training on systems, No.1 in Sales Team of 60. Reduce outstanding debt by 50% in a 3 month period. Thrive on challenges, detail orientated and sometimes a perfectionist. Resourceful excelling at designing efficient quality control procedures and maintaining sound internal controls. Author and Poet in my spare time receiving recognition for my passion to inspire others and supporting my 3 Children in their Journey & Passions.

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