The Golden Sword

ancient antique armor armour
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The Power of Nature

The lone and level sands stretch far away,
There hung a darkness, call it solitude,
But nothing happens.
Sink walls in rock and roof them with good slates,
Fine slips from grocery shops
That say how much was sold
and thinned to be transparent.
And sometimes, she said, he must have wondered,
Which had been the better way to die,
There once was a country … I left it as a child.

After …

The Power of Humans

Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone,
In every cry of every man,
Of mine for dowry will be disallowed;
We are prepared: we build our houses squat,
With living tissue, raise a structure,
But now I checking out me own history
I carving out me identity.

After …

The Power of Conflict

Reel’d from the sabre stroke
Since we believe not otherwise can kind fires burn,
Nor ever suns smile true on child, or field, or fruit.
In bewilderment them he almost stopped
His bloody life in my bloody hands,
He earns his living and they do not care.

After …

The Power of Individuality

The mind-forged manacles I hear.

Worked with a dim and undetermined sense,

In what cold clockwork of the stars and the nations

One of my mates goes by

In his darkroom he is finally alone

Leaned against it like a wishbone

It may be at war, it may be sick with tyrants

Full of powerful incantations.

After …

The Power of Loss

I wander through each chartered street

The poignant misery of dawn begins to grow …

Three days before Armistice Sunday

But in my memory of it is sunlight-clear

For it seems I never saw it in that November

Till gradually we too learned

to be silent, to live as though

he had never returned, that this

was no longer the father we loved.

After  P B Shelley, W Blake, W Wordsworth, R Browning, W Owen, S Heaney, T Hughes,

S Armitage, J Weir, C A Duffy, I Dharker, C Rumens, B Garland, J Agard


by Parker

Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

“People Matters, Lives Matter and You Matter Our story does not define us but our actions will” Bilingual, creative, problem-solving experience within Education, Hospitality, Banking, Media and Publishing. Consistently delivering first-rate exceptional customer satisfaction and service, strengthening business relationships at all levels. Remunerated for my hard work, dedication, and self-motivation, adaptable to work in a team or alone. Achieving booking sales of 180K in six months with one-week training on systems, No.1 in Sales Team of 60. Reduce outstanding debt by 50% in a 3 month period. Thrive on challenges, detail orientated and sometimes a perfectionist. Resourceful excelling at designing efficient quality control procedures and maintaining sound internal controls. Author and Poet in my spare time receiving recognition for my passion to inspire others and supporting my 3 Children in their Journey & Passions.

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