Monday Thoughts 💭

My Monday to Friday Job you’ll find me trying to make people smile no matter the challenge.

A story about a lady I met on a Monday. For many Monday is one of those days for me it’s an opportunity to lift their souls from darkness, despair and find a solution.

The Escape from Abuse by Luisa Natasha Parker

A life of abuse and powerlessness,

The numbing scars were carved,

On her face like a cave,

Weathered by a horrendous hurricane.

Trying to start again,

Dragging her weakened legs,

Step by step.

Only to find herself face to face with

Blunt knives that cut and

drained her defeated spirit

of hopefulness.

A solitary slice of cake left,

No family, no friends.

Her chest tightened,

Trying to swallow shallow deep breaths

as she took a hesitant step forward,

Accepting and open to finding the door to



And love.

The tears welled up behind her eyelids,

As she briefly recalled the memories,

And closed her eyes for a moment,

Just as the flashes of fire appeared,

How she had clutched the hands

of the faint hearted,

That trembled and

we’re weakened by Life,

Too fragile

as their backbones dropped,

An entire life loving spent,

At the bedside of others.

Defenseless, not able to walk alone.

She now felt trapped,

Searching for that embracing love,

As the racing thoughts bled into her mind,

Desperately searching for a breath of fresh air,

A key to unlock a new sense of



and courage,

Behind her moment of caverns of darkness,

To shake the feeling of nakedness,

shattering the mirror

and the escape from abuse.


Published by Luisa Natasha Parker

"Our story does not define us but our actions will.” When faced with difficult choices in Life, some of our beliefs, self-sabotaging ideas we have about ourselves and others in our relationships will challenge us to take charge. Some will rise and take charge, whilst others will need a helping hand with The Power of Words Collection in english and spanish. Women in Poetry celebrates the voice of women, in recognition of their tremendous influence and impact in poetry, and showcases their inspirational words, stories and poems for the world to read. - 14th December 2018. Join the Conversation Every Friday on the 5 Minute Podcast - Parker The Poet in Kent Other links

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