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The sole purpose is to bring Peace to your Family, Home, and Soul.

I look forward to sharing my latest recording to help with Mental Health, abusive and violent behaviour which destroys our peace of mind, happiness, families and crushes our children’s dreams of accomplishing their goals in life.

Here are some good reasons to use one of our communication skills writing:

  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Family History
  • As Catharsis
  • Therapy
  • A Present
  • Collective Memoir
  • Pictorial Record
  • Contemporary Memoir.


I started writing after I witnessed how many of my dear friends had suffered from abuse and violence as children.

Some physically as they received the bloody blows, others emotionally, and some mentally.

I never realised that my purpose was for peace and it all started with one book which I wrote after my friends sat around the table and the session began.

The tears rolled down their faces as each one, one by one looked for answers behind the pain.

I wasn’t prepared to just sit and wait for more violence and abuse to happen.

I started the painstaking journey of writing a book which would help to bring peace to these now adults who once were children.

I questioned why anymore children should suffer, when I have three and they are the greatest gift I have been given as a mother.

In gratitude Luisa Natasha donates 100% writers royalties from her book YOU are Special like the World to Rays of Sunshine Charity to help children suffering with terminal illness and make their dreams come true. Grant a wish to a child.

The author pledges 100% of writer’s royalties from her book Dreams can come True to Unicef to help children with mental illness, abuse and violence in their lives. No child deserves to suffer alone in silence.

Below you will find some links of different communication tools I found to share my writing and books.

It started with one child, one desperate mother seeking help, one school and one teacher that congratulated him on his accomplishments.

It’s never too late to bring back enthusiasm into someone else’s life. When they have lost the will, faith and hope in their life and that of their family.

The latest addition to the collection soon to be available:-

In Spanish & English

Feeding the Sands of Time – The Power of Choice –

Alimentando Las Arenas del Tiempo – El Poder de Eleccion

English Version

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