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Learn from our online workshops, restore your body, mind and soul with our 1 hour sessions, and feel better about yourself. Find your happiness and put it first.

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Bibliotherapy, Book Therapy, Reading Well and Self-Expression. Start today your self-care, self-love and self-development journey with The Power of Words Collection.

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For more general information personalised group sessions available on request.

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Friday 5 Minute Podcast – Join the Conversation

Good Morning and Welcome to the 5 Minute Friday Podcast Parker the Poet in Kent. A Surprise Poem The poem for today is from Chapter 21 the last and final Chapter in The Power of Poetry and Rise it’s time to believe in you, selected in 2020 as a Patrick’s surprise Poem. Books Available on Amazon  Ask Siri Google and Alexa and Join the Conversation with Parker The Poet in Kent Original Music: Daniel Urban Parker — Send in a voice message:
  1. Chapter 21
  2. Sparkle
  3. State of Mind
  4. A Pathway to Peace
  5. The London Mile

Founded by Luisa Natasha Parker in 2012. A passion for Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment.

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Sevenoaks – Kent – UK

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