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My passion for books, writing and storytelling started at a very early age, as the eldest of 8 grand-daughters. We were not able to afford to buy books, and it would a trip to the local library for help with our homework.

Bedtime stories consisted in making up stories which I made up as I went a long, the characters, what happened, from loving nurturing stories to adventure and excitement, as they would cuddle up with blankets, waiting to find out what would be next.

At St. Andrews Convent, I was given the opportunity to write a book, filled with poems, drawings and stories. It was my moment in my life at 11 years of age, my greatest surprise, to be a joint winner in the competition for the best book with my friend Christopher. It really did make me feel so happy, the little girl with the wavy long curly locks and sun-kissed skin.

My passion for writing stopped when I started at St. Gregory’s, there was never enough time to find a quiet moment, endless homework and constant demands at home and so many other things to learn, do and discover.

After having travelled, living in different countries, and meeting people from all walks of life, professions, backgrounds, cultures, religions and traditions. It was time as a mum to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy with my children story books which I was now able to buy and share with them.

Later I would find myself, writing books to help with children’s self-confidence, self-esteem who had been crushed by the daily traumatic events that happen to them.

A moment of no return, when I wrote an inspirational memoir through the relationships, people and stories of people who came and would never been seen again.

Everything changed the day I read Robbed of Life to the class, my teacher who studied at Cambridge University English Literature said you really must write a Poem book.

Today, I continue with Poems and stories and hope you get the chance to read them, listen to them, comment and share with people who might need that loving hand along the way and moment of Reflection.

Building a better World through Reflection & Words!

The internal and external dialogues locked away in our hearts. Open the door the World of Poetry …\

Behind every book, there is a story waiting to be read and shared, which can help to decide what is the best path for You!

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