Add a daily rhythm or ritual, a moment of mindfulness by reading, writing, painting and drawing. A sense of motivation, empowerment and peace as the nights become darker. A moment of gratitude with inspirational thoughts to fill your days with leaders of the past and present. A moment to nurture each child with words toContinue reading “CELEBRATE AUTUMN EQUINOX IN 2022”

International Peace Day 21st September 2022

Behind the picture of the bird are hidden these words: “Strength does not come from physical capacity but from an indominable will.” “I believe that in the history of the world, there has not been a more genuinelydemocratic struggle for freedom than ours. Non-violence is the first article of myfaith.” “An eye for eye onlyContinue reading “International Peace Day 21st September 2022”

3 Poems Mindfulness Reflections for Peace

Poem – It’s sooo Cold by Luisa Natasha Parker The winds hurl, howl, The rain batters against the windows and doors, Too many are still walking battered, Blown off course, Left to sleep on the streets, Beg for their dinner, A warm bed, a shelter they can call home, Comfort and a loving hand, ToContinue reading “3 Poems Mindfulness Reflections for Peace”