World 🌎 Ocean Day 💦 Rivers

¿Qué pasa cuando no hay electricidad? ¿No hay poder para generar el flujo de agua en nuestras vidas? Viene el huracán de la vida. Los vecinos trabajan juntos. Todos los niños y cuerpos capaces, Llevan, buscan y entregan, La esencia de la vida, En cubos, en contenedores, en bolsas, Como sea que puedan. Nuestros cuerposContinue reading “World 🌎 Ocean Day 💦 Rivers”

A Shot of Mental Dynamite 🧨

If you need a shot of #mental dynamite 🧨 to P.O.W.E.R. Your day! “Most of us have experienced difficulties at one time or another, and we all make mistakes from time to time. The good news is that while your environment as a child will have a profound influence upon the person you become, itContinue reading “A Shot of Mental Dynamite 🧨”

Find Your Voice – Speak UP – Father & Son Mother & Son Tuesday Thought💭

“There can be no poetry nor music nor oratory worthy of notice without the presence of harmony.” Napoleon Hill Why is this Important? Virtues & Values? Possibly even How We Communicate, Perhaps Who we Trust, Maybe even someone we Respect? Just imagine … it is 1998 and I am in Paradise. The blue skies, milesContinue reading “Find Your Voice – Speak UP – Father & Son Mother & Son Tuesday Thought💭”