National Authors’ Day

“The Life you’ve Dreamed of begins now.” Napoleon Hill Did you know that “Charles Dickens began by pasting labels on blacking pots. The tragedy of his first love penetrated the depths of his soul, and converted him into one of the world’s truly great authors. That tragedy produced, first David Copperfield, then a succession ofContinue reading “National Authors’ Day”


T-Shirts with a Purpose

It’s a simple concept of energy, vibration and thought. It has been well documented that words change the chemistry of water, that repeated auto-suggestion through words can change the way we think and feel. Even the science of Fengshui to change the energy in our environment. Exclusive unique Mindfulness Word Art from The Power ofContinue reading “T-Shirts with a Purpose”

Happiness Smile Dream

Exclusive Unique Mindfulness Word Art from The Power of Words Mindful Reflection Series, Dreams can come true it’s time to believe in you and You are Special like the World. Feel Inspired, Motivated and Empowered as you see the images especially created to make life better and make you SMILE. Personalise your Mindfulness Word ArtContinue reading “Happiness Smile Dream”