It Starts with Words …

  THE POWER OF WORDS … “Luisa Natasha Parker’s Moment of Reflection series is an exhilarating 20-day series where you focus on a different word each day. Her writing is poetic, loving and empowering. I recommend this book to anyone who needs more joy, love and positive encouragement in your life. ” -Dr. Steve G.Continue reading “It Starts with Words …”


Acceptance Day

Creative learning, self-awareness, personal development tools to empower, motivate and inspire each child and young adult to rise above with confidence and achieve their life goals. Motivation to take action. Embedded within you will discover a personalhidden resistance which gives greater understanding and acceptance to embrace each individual’s uniqueness. A literacy tool to re-evaluate the words, their meanings, increase vocabulary.  Pages for self-expression whether it be to draw, write and improve communication skills. Make someone SmileContinue reading “Acceptance Day”

Far Too Many – Connection, Communication, Community

Poem Far Too Many by Luisa Natasha Parker Far too many people are struggling with the day to day living and life. Far too many people are left homeless, jobless and their sense of passion, purpose and happiness has been destroyed. Far too many people 99% of the total World population are living in aContinue reading “Far Too Many – Connection, Communication, Community”